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Risks of nanomaterials and nanotechnology

RiskGONE, Gov4NANO and NANORIGO are European projects focused on the development of a Risk Governance Council designed to govern and manage possible risks associated with nanotechnologies. With this goal, it is fundamental to understand what people know and how they perceive nanotechnologies. The present survey, coordinated by the RiskGONE team, aims to understand your attitudes towards nanotechnology and nanoproducts and their risks. There are no right or wrong answers as they express your feelings or opinion.

The answers provided in this survey are completely anonymous and will only be used for the purpose described above. Any and all data gathered as a result of these participatory exercises will be coded and retained in full accordance with the relevant national regulations and legislation regarding data protection. Data may be used in the preparation of scientific publications and reports, but such that the identity of individual respondents cannot be revealed.

This survey is designed to be anonymous. The project has no possibility to identify respondents through direct or indirect means. This also means that individual responses, once submitted, cannot be deleted upon request. The data will be stored on servers located in the European Union or Norway. The raw dataset with all survey responses will be deleted 1 year after the termination of the RiskGONE project, which is currently planned to finish 31 December 2022.

Please keep in mind you are free choose to participate or not in this survey. You may ask questions at any time before, during, or after your participation in this survey; and you are completely free to stop answering whenever you want.

Where can I find out more?

Responsible for the design and analysis of the survey is Factor Social (Portugal). The RiskGONE project is coordinated by the Norwegian Institute for Air Research – NILU (Norway). The electronic survey is implemented by NILU.
If you have questions about the survey, please contact:
•    FactorSocial – dalilaantunes@factorsocial.pt
•    NILU – riskgone@nilu.no; eab@nilu.no
Thank you for agreeing to take part in this survey! We ask you to read the instructions carefully and respond as accurately as possible.

This survey is anonymous.

The record of your survey responses does not contain any identifying information about you, unless a specific survey question explicitly asked for it.

If you used an identifying token to access this survey, please rest assured that this token will not be stored together with your responses. It is managed in a separate database and will only be updated to indicate whether you did (or did not) complete this survey. There is no way of matching identification tokens with survey responses.

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